Review: My Name on His Tongue

Laila Halaby’s My Name On His Tongue (Syracuse University Press, 2012) is a frighteningly urgent and incisive poetry book about living the Arab-American experience. Naomi Shibib Nye claims Halaby’s words are “a wake up call” and they certainly are. Take …

Carolyn Forche’s The Angel of History

Carolyn Forche’s 1994 The Angel of History is a literary powerhouse of artistic prowess, an astringent truthful poetry that rewards us with the moribund brutality of war and its shattering aftermath. There is no nostalgia or moral judgment, but a …


This is our element, silver-white
Almost mistaken for the moon

As it rises over Alameda,
Oakland, and Baghdad by the Bay.

Hue of the span itself that nearly
Saw its own demise when the earth

Shook and shook in ’89 …