Qatar imprisons a poet

A Qatari poet, Mohammed ibn al-Dheeb al-Ajami, was sentenced in November 2012 to life imprisonment, apparently for writing a poem, “Tunisian Jasmine,” that applauds Arab Spring uprisings. The poem praising specific actions in Tunisia was officially interpreted in Qatar as …

Review: Expended Casings

In his foreword (whimsically rendered “Deployed Forward”) to this collection of his poems, Alan Farrell ridicules pretension, incomprehensibility, poetry as therapy, literary critical jargon, posturing, the cult of free verse, swingebuckling, and shallow war poetry cliches. You sense that he …

The My Tho Laundry

Yes these are mine
I carry them from shower to dreams
and sniff them in dark dawns
I find them in my food
they cling like cigarette smoke in hair
and clog pores like dead skin,
these gray stenches of …