Fear is a Ghost in the Night Sky

Twin Bristol engines drumming
thrumming just out of synch
rumbling through the ink black sky

A wounded Beaufighter flying home
cocoon of the returning crew
pilot and gunner stare into the murk

Do they see Death staring back?
but the 109s won’t find them
not here – stay in cloud – don’t panic

Borne home on angels’ wings tonight
the old plane vibrating, shaking
Descending to the coast – almost home

Families hover around the radio
hoping for news of loved ones return
fear is a ghost in the night sky

Author: David G. Malcolm

David G. Malcolm lives in Inuvik, NT Canada, very near the Arctic Ocean coast: “I was a young child during the latter years of WWII and have always been fascinated by the incredible bravery of the pilots of all countries that had a part in the air war, particularly the Battle of Britain. The poem Fear is a Ghost in the Night Sky is the result of a dream I had several years ago that has never been forgotten. I have one 2014-published book of poetry entitled Pine Cones and Small Stones. I continue to write poetry, young adult fiction, and non-fiction (natural healing during my Stage 4 cancer recovery, etc).”

3 thoughts on “Fear is a Ghost in the Night Sky”

  1. Fear is a Ghost in the Night Sky worked away in my subconscious from a poignant dream that I had many years ago. My birth on September 17, 1940 closely coincided with Battle of Britain Day. My birthday was the day Hitler met with his high command and decided Germany did not have the resources to invade Britain. As a young lad I had a scrapbook that was filled with photos of Hurricanes, Spitfires, Lancaster bombers, and many other WWII aircraft. I designed, built and flew my own balsa models. In later years I flew a few hundred hours as pilot in a Piper Cherokee 180 in Canada’s north country.

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