“You sad sacks will become rocks!”
a Drill Instructor, Basic Training

Speak, Diamond.
Does a stone cry?
Do tears of dust
mar this white eye?

And does stone seek
some vain excuse
to prove abrasion’s
brilliant use,

so suffering
may prove in kind
some brilliant state
of heart or mind?

Speak — lest I say
stone is mere stone,
obdurate, sealed

aloof, alone.

Author: William Conelly

William Conelly entered the Air Force at 17, received a Presidential appointment to the Air Force Academy at 18, and resigned from the Academy three months after turning 21, preferring any further studies to be in the liberal arts. He subsequently received both a BA and an MA under the tutelage of Edgar Bowers at UC Santa Barbara. Since 1987 his poetry has appeared irregularly in the USA and the United Kingdom. A novel of youthful revelation (Tether's End) and a poetry collection (Untested Grounds) are available from Amazon.

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