Michael Casey’s Raiding a Whorehouse

If you liked Michael Casey’s poems about the Viet Nam War in his award-winning Obscenities, as well you should, you’ll also enjoy this second collection. Casey employs the same casual, idiosyncratic style to present anecdotes told in the voice of a partly disaffected and partly bemused military policeman, as if recounted over drinks at the local working class bar. These fine poems are utterly free of sentimentality, bombast, and pretension. Admirers of Charles Bukowski, Tom Waits, et al, will enjoy them. Fortunately, Gary Metras at Adastra Press has produced a very fine, attractive, well designed letterpress edition. All good poets should have such handsome small letterpress collections. (A version of this review also appears on Amazon.com).


Stephen Sossaman

Author: Stephen Sossaman

Stephen Sossaman is Professor Emeritus of English at Westfield State University in Massachusetts. He now lives in California. He was an artillery fire direction computer in Viet Nam, serving in the Mekong Delta (1/84th artillery, 9th Infantry Division).

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