Haibun: A Soldier to Himself

When you have some free time, walk a mile in the desert. Walk many more miles. Let the laughter of soldiers diffuse behind you, like a handful of sand dropped into the Kabul. Walk the desert like the saints did, …

Weapon Cleaning

First, disassemble
into the major groups:
upper, lower, bolt carrier.

Handle each piece like a young boy
unpacking a box of seashells, striped rocks, pine cones;
marvel at how something this metal
could be so breakable.
Think about the body.

Non Sequitur

“When a bullet leaves an M4,
it can, depending on weight
and powder used, travel
up to 3500 feet per second.”

He tells me this in the car, on the way to the beach,
a blinding summer day, cloudless
and …