Her hands beat muscle
with the tenderness of a mallet.

Tendons, on the table, connect
each corner of the present world –

lats curl, hamstrings spasm, calves flex
and one foot howls itself into a crescent.

My jaw aches with …

Blackhawk Crash, Anaconda

Bone-weary eyes scanned the soil and sky for the corner flash
of tracer rounds, night in, night out. The rotor’s muffled hum
betrayed a darkened metal blended against the black,
or, overhead the searchlights’ crescent sweep.

Smitty scanned while Cote …


“Stay watchful,” he says to no one, to the eyes
that would watch, fighting sleep in the intersection
of blood and dust.

Friendlies pass with a glance toward the crest
and a false smile that means, “don’t shoot.”

Rakes, shovels …

caravan of fools

we needed to be
to say
was done

in we piled
upon each other
cheap curtains
veiled the sun

they could not
the aimless
of patriotic eyes

fixed far
beyond the veil
into …

The New World Order

What if instead of suicide bombings, summary executions, torture, beheadings, and

kidnappings, the renegades of retrograde issued a fatwa creating a caliphate of

love, a jihad of joy, an empire of empathy, a realm of reason, where at mealtimes

family …


This is our element, silver-white
Almost mistaken for the moon

As it rises over Alameda,
Oakland, and Baghdad by the Bay.

Hue of the span itself that nearly
Saw its own demise when the earth

Shook and shook in ’89 …

Invasion, 1991

Beside the river, ash
rose like a funnel
in air, the earth cracked —
petrified tree roots,
the wall of an ancient city,
deep veins of lapis, arteries
of molten blood.
I stood on shore as the fish
inched out …