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To state the obvious, viewers must not copy the web design, layout, content, etc. Viewers may not attempt to hack or otherwise attack or misuse the site, or try to gain access to anything that is limited to an administrator.

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A potential contributor offering material represents that she or he is the only author of the work (aside from any divine inspiration and the inspiration of other writers) and owns the copyright. The contributor grants to poetsandwar.com the right to publish the work online, without payment, and to post comments on that content by editors and comments received from readers. The contributor retains all ownership rights to the work contributed. poetsandwar. com has the right to remove any content without notice.

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Anyone posting a comment on the site represents that the comment is her or his original writing for which he or she alone is responsible. Commenters who know the writer whose work is being commented on (e.g is a friend, colleague, or significant other) are welcome, but are expected to be a good sport by acknowledging that relationship in the comment. Poetsandwar.com has the right to refuse to post any comment that it considers to be churlish, illegal, off-topic, or threatening, or to be spam or otherwise objectionable. Comments may freely represent any political or aesthetic point of view. Poetsandwar.com retains the right to edit comments. Poetsandwar.com does not endorse any comment merely by posting it, and encourages comments that contribute to the conversation by offering alternative views to their own,  to content contributors’ views, and other commenters’ views. You may not pose as another person when leaving comments.

Contacting us

Address your email to sossaman@poetsandwar.com.

Author: Stephen Sossaman

Stephen Sossaman is Professor Emeritus of English at Westfield State University in Massachusetts. He now lives in California. He was an artillery fire direction computer in Viet Nam, serving in the Mekong Delta (1/84th artillery, 9th Infantry Division).

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